We have broad experience and a comprehensive understanding of both inbound and outbound licensing as well as both internally managed and external
agency managed licensing programs. In addition, we have direct experience managing brands and businesses across
Consumer Packaged Goods,
Consumer Electronics, Appliances, Luxury Goods, Food, Apparel, Toys, Sporting Goods, Vehicles, Software, Professional Services, Industrial Products
and many others
. This gives BRANDelivery a unique perspective and relevant understanding of your needs, your challenges, your boundaries, your
operations and your aspirations.  Leveraging this experience allows us to develop key strategies and programs that are absolutely right for your company
and your business goals rather than forcing the use of inappropriate or uninspired formulaic approaches that others may recommend. The delivered
results are Brand/Trademark Licensing Programs that will:

  • Enhance Your Brand Equity and Image
  • Complement and Increase Demand for Your Core Business
  • Reinforce Your Key Messaging, Brand and Product Strengths
  • Increase Your Brand and Product Visibility and Awareness
  • Protect Your Valuable Intellectual Property Assets and Business Investments
  • Deliver Valuable Marketing Benefits and Increasing Revenue

Ultimately, it’s all about Delivery. Whether it’s delivering the best strategy and concepts, best license partners, best execution, or best return on your brand
value or investment,
BRANDelivery will meet your goals. Our Brand Development, Brand Extension and Brand Management efforts on your behalf will
deliver powerful licensing results
On Time, On Strategy and On Target.
About Us

BRANDelivery brings a new level of experience and insight to the
Brand/Trademark licensing industry. Our brand management and licensing
professionals have developed and deployed some of the largest and most
successful consumer and commercial product licenses in the global market
involving some of the world’s most valuable brands.

Our experience managing brands, product lines, marketing initiatives, and
major licensing programs as senior executives with leading Fortune 500
companies and also with other large Licensing Agencies gives
the unique ability to truly understand and meet your specific strategic business
objectives. By leveraging lessons learned and benchmarking from major
internal and external trademark licensing programs covering all ranges of size,
scope and category, we are able to apply the industry’s best practices to
deliver powerful, positive results for
our clients. With demonstrated global
licensing success involving such powerful brands as
IBM, GE, HP, Harley
Davidson, Motorola, Whirlpool, MTV, Gibson, and many others
, we have
expert knowledge and experience across a highly diverse range of companies,
brand portfolios, and product lines. Our team has excelled at enhancing
customer perception and mind share, improving positioning, increasing
market visibility and share, expanding global penetration, growing product and
service portfolios, and delivering multi-Billion dollar licensed businesses
contributing Millions in annual profit directly to the corporate bottom-line.  
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