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BRANDelivery offers a full range of services designed to meet the needs of the Licensor and the Licensee and to ensure a successful licensing
partnership and a growing long term business.  Following a three phase approach involving
Brand Development, Brand Extension and Brand
Management,  BRANDelivery
works with the Brand Owner and/or the Brand Seeker to move from initial concept to the market.  Within each phase,  we
leverage our strong experience with multiple brands and categories while implementing a well coordinated and disciplined set of processes addressing
the unique needs of both the
Licensor and the Licensee.
  • Market Research/Analysis
  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Concept Development
  • Licensee Prospect Identification and Sales
  • License Negotiation
  • Category/Product Management
  • Marketing Integration and Management
  • Brand Management and Compliance
  • Channel Relations and Support
  • Contract/Royalty Administration
  • License Partner Management
  • Ongoing Business Development
  • Market Research/Analysis
  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Concept Development/Refinement
  • Brand Licensor Identification and Proposals
  • License Negotiation
  • Category/Product Coordination/Refinement
  • Marketing Coordination and Planning
  • Brand Reviews and Approvals
  • Channel Relations and Support
  • Contract/Royalty Administration
  • Brand Partner Liaison
  • Ongoing Business Assistance
The Brand Owner or the Brand Seeker maintains full flexibility and can engage BRANDelivery in a selected phase,  or leverage our full range of services
for an end-to-end
Brand Licensing and Marketing Solution.  Within each individual process across each phase, we employ an expansive range of
additional market proven tools that can be customized to meet the needs and objectives of our clients.  Our services are designed to allow representation
of either a
Licensor or a Licensee as a client,  while also providing a well coordinated bridge between the License partners to deliver optimal program
execution and business results for all parties. In the end, these services deliver
powerful Brand Licensing Programs On Time, On Strategy and On